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  • Greg Cane
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    Greg, who came to the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner as a salesman in 1985, is in charge of vehicle appraisal and maintaining the used car inventory. 

    Greg believes that every customer should buy at MJ Sullivan for three simple reasons: selection, price and the service you'll receive after the sale. Greg is the guy who will find the right car for you. When it comes to quality, Greg goes above and beyond to ensure that MJ Sullivan customers get just what they're looking for.

    Greg is married to his beautiful wife Nadine, and has three children, Joshua, Ryan, and Sara. 

  • Jim Demarco
    New Car Sales Manager

    Jim has spent his entire adult life in the automotive industry with 30 of those years on the corner of Broad & Colman Streets in New London at the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner. Jim's mission as the New Car Sales Manager is to make sure every new vehicle at the dealership is properly equipped, correctly priced, and that every customer gets the best deal possible. 

    Jim's belief is that The MJ Sullivan brand provides the most professional and courteous experience to every customer, every time by having the lowest prices, highest trade-in values, and the most excellent service department. At MJ Sullivan you'll always see the same familiar faces, and Jim is a testament to that longstanding tradition at the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner.

  • John Spinnato
    Sales Manager

    After a few years of semi-retirement, John Spinnato has decided to return to the team at M. J. Sullivan's as a Sales Manager. All of us look forward to working side by side again with Johnny, selling the best lineup of new and pre-owned vehicles in Eastern CT. Johnny would like to invite all his friends and past customers to visit him for all their automotive needs.

  • Enrico Simonelli
    Internet Sales Director

    Enrico has been at The M.J. Sullivan Automotive Corner since July of 2009, but his 22+ years of automotive experience have prepared him well to meet the demands of The M.J. Sullivan Automotive Corner's exemplary customer satisfaction standards, and it's customer loyalty policy.

    Enrico's best asset is his honesty, he strives to answer every question & address every concern because he truly believes that every customer should know exactly what they're buying in order to make their best informed decision. Enrico will follow-up with you post-sale to ensure that the dealership has met all of your expectations, and that you have had the most positive experience possible at The M.J. Sullivan Automotive Corner. 

    Enrico has one of the most interesting and entertaining jobs at the dealership. He's responsible for responding to every customer inquiry by phone or internet, he is also responsible for all email marketing, soliciting and responding to on-line reviews, and web page functionality to name a few. 

    Enrico works with customers locally, and around the country. He has had customers fly in from as far away as Seattle, Washington to purchase a vehicle, and has successfully delivered vehicles around the nation to include Chicago, Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, and Texas. 

    In today's automotive market, 98% of customer's shop for a vehicle online before ever setting foot into a dealership, and because of this Enrico's significance to The M.J. Sullivan Automotive Corner cannot be understated. His responsibilities are ever-changing, and he always finds himself talking to more and more unique visitors daily. 

  • Eric Hauschild
    Finance & Insurance Director

    Eric has been with the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner since the summer of 1988. Prior to working at the dealership he had an extensive background in banking. 

    Eric's responsibilities at the dealership make him one of the most important people you will meet while visiting. As the Finance & Insurance Director, Eric oversees the overall profitability of the dealership. Eric was attracted to the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner for many of the same reasons its' customers are: honesty, integrity, a friendly atmosphere, and a great environment. Eric has carried those values through his career, and holds his finance and insurance staff responsible for maintaining a friendly, and knowledgeable experience, and designing loan packages specifically for each customer. 

    During Eric's free-time he enjoys boating and fishing in Vermont as well as Cape Cod, he is happily married to his wife Robin, and has two sons Eric Jr., and Jeff.

  • JJ Parker
    Finance & Insurance Manager

    JJ, a former submarine crew member in the United States Navy, has been in the automotive industry ever since, and joined the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner 9 years ago. 

    JJ goes above and beyond in the finance and insurance department to ensure every customer is getting the best financing rates possible. If you're a repeat customer at MJ Sullivan you know this first-hand, and JJ enjoys knowing that customers continue to come back to the dealership because he sees the proof in a simple business philosophy, "When you have a reputation for treating people right, you will see a lot of repeat business.".

    JJ especially enjoys dealing with military service-members and counts himself as a professional in dealing with all loan options available to the military. He will use every resource he has to enhance the purchase experience to all military members, and their families. 

    When JJ isn't getting customers financed in their new or pre-owned car he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family. He has five children: Eric, James, Karina, Conner, and Jadin.

  • Cathy Rollins
    Finance & Insurance Assistant

    Cathy is a General Motors veteran, having worked with the company for 20 years before joining the team at MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner at the end of 2011. 

    The main attraction for Cathy to join the MJ Sullivan team was the dealership's excellent reputation. Cathy upholds that reputation at the dealership by dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's when preparing the financial paperwork in the finance and insurance department. Cathy's mission is to make every customer's finance and insurance experience as flawless as possible and to limit the number of surprises. 

  • Todd Peltier
    Inventory Control Director

    Todd has been at the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner for 30 years, starting as a gas station attendant in 1989 at Sully's Mobil. Chances are if you've purchased a new vehicle at MJ Sullivan, Todd is the man behind the curtains who got that vehicle from the manufacturer to the dealership. He ensures that the dealership always has a broad selection of models, colors, equipment options, and vehicle features. 

    Todd is a family man who adores his wife Dianne, and his three children Olivia, Eva, and Avery. Todd brings that same passion to work everyday and believes the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner offers the best reputation because of the family tradition at the dealership. Todd knows what "MJ Sullivan" represents. When he makes calls to other dealerships to locate vehicles, people listen because the "MJ" brand carries a lot of weight. 

    Next time you're in the dealership, stop in and say hi. Todd gets his input from the customers as well as the sales staff, and if the dealership doesn't have it Todd knows exactly where to find it.

  • Thomas Connors
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Tom Connors has been with the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner for the last 11 years, 

    Tom's simple belief is that every customer he has can reliably depend on his truthfulness, and trust in what he puts forth in the sales process. He believes that the selection and service that the dealership provides is what makes MJ Sullivan stand-out in the automotive marketplace.

  • Mike Desmond
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Mike has spent over 20 years in the automotive industry.

    Mike has been at the MJ Sullivan Automotive Corner for several years. 
    Working at MJ Sullivan has allowed Michael to live out his passion: selling luxury automobiles. At MJ Sullivan he enjoys making sure his clients get all of the information they deserve, and getting them into the perfect car for their lifestyle. Michael believes that "MJ Sullivan" is a brand all on its' own. A brand that comes from a family-owned background, offering multiple manufacturers, perfected with highly trained sales professionals who live and serve in the community around the dealership. 

    During Mike's free-time he is a rock guitarist and a music producer. He enjoys spending time outdoors, and on the water with his wife Olivia, son Ozzy, and his newest addition his daughter Tallulah.

  • Jay A. Drouin
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Israel Galarza
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Israel, or "Izzy" has been in the automotive industry for 18 years, and believes MJ Sullivan is the most established dealership that he has worked for. He will be the first to tell you that MJ Sullivan offers the best in customer service, and the most friendly car-buying experience. 

    Izzy enjoys spending time with his grandson and his lovely wife Dana. He has two children Mikayla, and Justin, and enjoys his free-time playing golf.

  • James Kirby Sr.
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    James has over 15 years in the automotive industry. His experience and expertise in the sales environment allows customers to feel relaxed, and know they are getting the very best in their car buying experience. James has a knack for exceeding customer expectations, and the dealership recognizes his efforts as MJ Sullivan has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction on multiple occasions. 

  • Nicholas Lombardi
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Nick has been in the automotive industry for 20 years. Nick prides himself on customer service after the sale. 

    Nick has been serving MJ Sullivan proudly since July 2016 

    In Nicks spare time Nick enjoys playing hockey.

  • Rob Reardon
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Diangelo Romney
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Roberto Romney
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Jim Sisco
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Jim Sisco has been with MJ Sullivan for 25 years, and has been in the automotive industry for the last 33 years. 

    Jim enjoys working at MJ Sullivan because the dealership adapts to each customer's needs, and is always able to match each customer with the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle. Jim says the MJ Sullivan's greatest asset is the service department, where the overall experience of the service staff is unmatched across the industry. 

    Jim enjoys playing golf when not at the dealership, and spending time with his wife Tammy. Jim has three children, Tracy, Tiffany, and Samantha, and four step-children. He is also a grandfather to two grandchildren. 

  • Sean Trafford
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Hughie Stevens
    Service Director

    Hughie has been part of the MJ Sullivan automotive family since 1972, tracing his relationship back to Sully's Mobil. "People like to go places where they are comfortable, and when they come here they see a lot of familiar faces," he says. "And when they come back here, we want to give them a positive experience." Hughie adds that while the dealership has grown over the years, one element has never changed. Referring to his years at Sully's Auto Sales, he says: "MJ's policy always was if you provide someone with a good used car, they are going to come back."

  • Robert LaFrancois
    Service Manager

    Bob, who has been in the business since 1976, came to the MJ Sullivan dealership in April 1983.

    Bob is the man who "keeps the trains running on time" in the service department, Bob enjoys being a part of his department's stable atmosphere. "When you're treated well, you tend to stay in one place, and many of our technicians have been here for 20 years or more," he says. "We know our customers; we know their cars, and customers like to see familiar faces working with them and working on their cars." Bob also believes that the success of the dealership comes with the total experience of each staff member. Most employees of the dealership have been around for decades and that is a rarity in the automotive industry. At MJ Sullivan you get unmatched experience, and reliability.

    Bob enjoys cycling, skiing and traveling with his wife Joanne and his two sons Joel, and Jeff.

  • Steve Mihok
    Service Advisor

    Steve, who has been at MJ Sullivan for 11 years, has over 20 years in the industry. Steve serves as a liaison between the customer and technician, Steve keeps the information flowing back and forth. He forwards details and customer concerns to the technician, provides estimates, then makes sure the customer is constantly updated on the progress of the work.

    A retired Army veteran having spent 20 years in active service, Steve is familiar with how Government Service Administration codes apply to Coast Guard, Navy and Amtrak service vehicles.

  • Bena Chalmers
    Service Advisor

    Bena has been with MJ Sullivan for 6 years and has over 20 years of experience in the business, working with a variety of dealerships throughout that time.

    Bena says that "From what I learned about different places over those years, this was the place I would go to buy a car for myself," she says. And it's that same spotless reputation and dedication to customer service that make it easy for her to write service orders and serve as liaison between technicians and customers.

    Bena enjoys traveling with her husband Robert and her two children Haley, and Alex, and spending time with family friends.

  • Mike Vittone
    Service Advisor

  • Sean Greene
    Parts Manager

    Sean, who has been at MJ Sullivan for the past 32 years, explains why he has spent so many years at the dealership: "Some things are simple; this is a very nice place to work." He adds that the stable workforce in the service department means that employees pretty much know everybody who comes in for service. "Everybody takes a sense of pride in what they do," he says. He adds that the dealership keeps an extensive inventory, but if someone needs something that's not on the shelf, he has the experience and contacts to find it. 

    Sean received a well deserved promotion to Parts Manager taking Ken Perry's place after Mr. Perry's retirement after 36 years of service.